4i is this platform I created as a means to keep track of my collective photographs & to organize them into cohesive projects. The name has a couple meanings:

  1. I need glasses for vision (legally can't drive a vehicle without them, actually), so it's a joke at myself.

  2. The intent of a photograph is to visualize a moment in time permanently archived in light. With that said, your two eyes through mine = 4i

  3. Photographs are meant to be seen; not eaten, smelled, heard, or touched (the last one is debatable, but it's gotten me kicked out of my fair share of museums). They are 4(for) the i(eye).


Ongoing projects can be found in the main navigation bar; completed projects are found in the sub-navigation bar. Naturally, once completed the project moves to sub-navigation -usually time sensitive projects or trips I go on though.


...let me get back to you on that.

Double Exposure

A new thing I am trying, but really the direction I want to work with looking forward. Partly inspired by the concepts tied to 4i stated earlier, but also partly due to my liking of DoubleDoubles from In-N-Out.


Because I can't stop, really. On a family vacation when I was a real young my mom stumbled across a SLR film camera that was abandoned on the bluff of a beach; we brought it home & that's when it started. I was fascinated at her find, sneaking into her room while she was at work to use it (wasting all of her film because I had no idea what I was doing, by the way); & after months of begging for my own, we (she) decided that my little clumsy hands couldn't handle a film camera like hers. But I did get a little 'point & shoot' system the following month for my birthday. So my fascination grew, as a youth & since then, it's been one of the only constants in my life. Not until high-school though did I really start to embrace it being so vital to me; when it was threatened with flunking grades in 'Beginning Photography' for not putting up a high enough volume of work out.

But at the end I have to thank my school's photography teacher for not allowing me to take his class again, when you are spoon-fed knowledge you might not ever deviate from the source. I learned the importance of independence in art & standing my ground for the way I choose to work, because this is for me at the end of the day; it's my drum, & although the cadence I march to varies, the tempo will always be set by me. I am forever grateful for those who help me & are a part of this project -& for allowing me to work at this cadence.

I don't know where I am going with this anymore so I guess the moral of the story is that a closed door doesn't necessarily open another, but it does make you look around & make out your own route -with or without the door. I hope this website inspires you to do the same.

With love & light,